Sunrise Leisure Systems proudly presents ' The Club Class ' range of Outdoor & Cafeteria furniture which is entirely designed and produced in Europe by Nardi Outdoor Furniture of Italy. The innovative styles are developed by reputed designers after elaborate scientific research and development. Light weight, easy maintenance, weather resistant products in pastel, bright and beautiful colours are perfect blends of forms and functions !


The entire range of 'The Club Class' is produced from 100% first quality, virgin and recyclable Polypropylene, a thermoplastic resin in combination mostly with Aluminium and Synthetic Fabrics. The products are subjected to stringent tests for maximum safety and durability to qualify for rigorous European regulations and EN 581/2/3 standards, which guarantee maximum safety and robustness dictated by European Standards Commission.


'The Club Class ' range offers very wide collection of Poolside, Garden, Terrace, Balcony, Cafeteria & Food Court Furniture for Hotels, Clubs, Resorts, Farm Houses, Boat Houses, Club Houses, Cafeterias and Food Courts in Shopping Malls, Institutions, Call Centres and Hospitals etc.
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